5 Year CT Scan

This Monday March 5th I will be having my 5 year CT. Amazing how it went by so fast although it seems like a different lifetime that I went through the treatments, strange feeling.  I am optimistic about it but still anxious, that's just an issue I have doing almost anything, phobia's. Just wanted to share it with you all. I'm sure I will get my disk right after and will have my ENT read it while I have my throat scoped. I have the scope done every 6 months and have it set to see him immediately or very soon after annual Scan. A fews days after and I'll have results Who's in for another NED.. I'm in for that. So much thanks and love you all for the last 5 years of friendship and support. :-) Kevin...

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Good Luck on Monday!
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Thank you Becky, hope you are doing well.
Kevin. I'm not going to say good luck because I think you already have this one in the bag. Your cancer is gone, kerplunk, it's no longer here. It's in your past, not your future.
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Thanks Deborah, I couldn't agree more...
and the crowd chants: "N-E-D", "N-E-D", "N-E-D", "N-E-D"....
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John One more NED for this year will be my 5th year. Some would call it a 5 year milestone and I agree. Thank you as always my friend.
...N-E-D...and NMW (No More Wives) ;)
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Good Luck Kevin!
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Thank you Val for 5 years of your support. xx..
Hi Kevin- wow, 5 years! We have been BFAC friends for a long time! Are you having a PET CT? Hopefully this is your last scan? We sure had some rough times with treatments and I am thankful for your friendship as well!
CT is what I believe my medicare covers for now after the 2nd year of NED. I don't think after 5 years they stop with annual scans which is fine with me. Oncologists always orders Neck CT along with Chest because of smoking history. Thanks Karen you have been a good friend, supporter and I so much appreciate that. I hope you are healthy and remain that way, oh yes it has been a quite the ride. Actually 5 years to me, 2 marriages, 2 divorces and 2 daughters later... "LMAO" Hugs my friend and stay well..
oh my LOL! you have been busy!!! how was your scan?
Nevermind I see your scans were NED- heck yeah !xxoxoxo
All clear NED.
Kevin I just want to say a few words. You're brave, your intellectual, and you know how to handle your life. It's always on our mind, cancer, but we still rise above it because we have to. 5 years is a very courageous the long step. What you are going through is what most of us do 5 years hippie. Just wait till you get to 10 and above you'll just go okay not bad. But for now accept this as your golden gift to the Future. That's my only advice. I'm 10 and a half going on 11 that's it.
Thank you so much for the kind words Louise and your out look on what we've been through, the future as a gift that I feel bless to have and in hopes for a very, very long time and the same for you..
I will be thinking of you on Monday morning and say a prayer, as I always think of you. You have your five years! That's an accomplishment, and yes, it's hard to believe what we endured. It's still a bad memory but time does heal some. I think you should get your friends together again and "Kick out the Jam", MC5 style, lol, one of these weekends AND do a YouTube so I can see it too. Love ya!🙏🏻👍🏻
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I really appreciate everything Marcia. Thanks for all the kinds words of wisdom. I wish I could get back into a band situation but I just don't have the stamina or the throat to sing all night like I did before. Maybe down the road, I'll have to see what the future has in store for me. xoxo. Hope life's treating you well.
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Good luck Kevin. This is a big milestone. I'm sure it will be a-ok. After my 3.5 year appt, they said "come back in a year for one last checkup". So my docs gave me the impression after 4.5 years, it's all clear. Let us know how it goes!
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Thanks Dan, I guess my Dr wants it done a bit longer which I am all for. Take care my friend.
Sending you positive thoughts for NED. I wish I would get a yearly scan, my Oncologist discharged me once I hit the 5 year mark. I haven't had a scan for a long time.
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Thank you Mary. You were only about 4 months or so ahead of me during treatments, I kind of remember. This may be my last scan, I don't know but I would rather still have an annual scan for a while so to feel as if I'm on top of anything that may be a problem. My Dr. always orders Neck and Chest CT because of my long history of smoking.. Nice to hear from you and hope life is treating you well. Take care..
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Hey Buddy, what's up with the test results? Is NED your friend for another 5 years? "Inquiring minds want to know". MGBY
OMG. Yes Sorry John NED, NED and NED I don't know where my head is lately I'll do a new post when I get back home, went out of town for a few days. Thanks for asking I have been pre occupied. Lol YAY.... :)
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All clear 5 years NED. YAY.... :) :) :)... Thanks everyone for prayers and support..
You've heard of the 12 days of Christmas, how about the 7 days of Kevin: Start your Birthday celebration today, and give yourself a gift everyday until your actual Birthday this coming Saturday! Of course your first wish is for another 5 years of NED! Happy Birthday my friend, in advance.
Papa John
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Thank you John, I will start buying gifts online today.. lol
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